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Dental Crown and Temporary Crown Management

Dental crowns in HornsbyDental crowns are a procedure that is done to a huge number of individuals on a regular day to day basis.

These provide the necessary protection which helps reinforce the overall integrity of your teeth.

It should be noted however, that dental crowns are not installed to your teeth right away.

It can take a fair amount of time before these crowns are made and temporary crowns are used as a replacement for the time being.

Let us look at what role temporary crown does in helping you find success with dental crowns Hornsby.

The creation of dental crowns can take a couple of weeks before they are finished. Temporary crowns act as substitute to protect the tooth while the patient is waiting for the permanent crown to be completed.

These types of crowns however, are not as strong or resilient as the finished product. For that matter, it is important for patients to extra care and caution when dealing with their temporary crowns.

Temporary crown management includes being careful when flossing to avoid having these crowns removed by accident. Eating chewy or sticky foods are also not advised as this can damage your crowns.

The same can also be said with regards to crunchy or hard foods as they can also harm your crowns. To avoid this, dentists from Hornsby Dental Clinic often advise their patients to use the teeth on the opposite side of their mouth when chewing.

Once your tooth crown in Hornsby is done, make sure to come visit your dentist Hornsby right away to have the temporary ones replaced with the completed product.