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Dentist Near Mount Colah

Dentist Near Mount Colah

The appearance of faint opaque white spots, lines and streaks on the enamel of the teeth is called dental fluorosis. This common cosmetic characteristic on the teeth is caused by overexposure of fluoride during the child's first eight years of life. The cause of this white patchy pigmentation is due to a long period of excess ingestion of fluoride. Dental fluorosis can only occur during the first 8 years while the permanent teeth underneath the gum is still forming. Children over the age of eight can not develop dental fluorosis.

There are different degrees of dental fluorosis most related to the aesthetic of the teeth. However there are also some severe cases that can cause physical damages to the teeth. For moderate and severe cases of dental fluorosis the tooth enamel can be mottled and pitted. The uneven surface of the fluorosis teeth creates perfect grounds for brown stains to occur. These brown coloured and disfigured teeth often look like the teeth are corroding, but it is a big concern as it is also weakening and damaging physical teeth.

Dentist Near Mount ColahFor the common cases of dental fluorosis which are white characteristics scattered all over the teeth. These white patchy spots are considered mild cases and are considered to be cosmetic concerns. People with mild fluorosis are more resistant to dental caries and decay. To find out if you have dental fluorosis and the severity of the condition, visit a dentist in Mount Colah. If you are around the area of Mount Colah, our dental surgery at dentist Hornsby will give you a quick examination and discuss treatment options for dental fluorosis.

For mild cases, dental teeth whitening can be an option. Since the discolouration is an intrinsic factor you can not remove the dental fluorosis by teeth whitening. However you may be able to bleach your teeth so that the fluorosis stains look less noticeable and blend together. Keep in mind the fluorosis stain will come out brighter after the treatment and once the teeth have been rehydrated it would be less obvious. Also continuous teeth whitening is needed to maintain this cosmetic appearance. As for moderate to severe cases, teeth veneer is a good permanent solution for teeth fluorosis. There are two types of dental veneers to achieve this cosmetic outcome, composite and porcelain. Depending on the individual's circumstance the dentist is able to let the patient know which type of dental veneer is suitable for their case. To find out more on cosmetic treatment to remove dental fluorosis, call the dentist near Mount Colah at Hornsby Dental to book in an appointment with our cosmetic dentists.

If you are also concerned for your children in getting dental fluorosis you can also book in an appointment with our dentists or oral health therapists to discuss the cause and how to prevent it from an early age.The most common contributor to dental fluorosis is the fluoride toothpaste. Children under the age of 6 have poor spitting reflexes and tend to swallow much of the toothpaste on the brush. It is ideal to check with the dentists or oral health therapist when to start using toothpaste and even use toothpaste without fluoride until they know how to spit properly.