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Dentist Near Wahroonga

Dentist Near Wahroonga

Teeth are a very important daily function and most people take it for granted. It helps you to speak properly, chew up food for nutrients and uphold the integrity of facial features. It is also the first point contact where people will notice. So if you have a missing tooth it can greatly affect a person’s self confidence and image.

There are a few options when a patient’s tooth is missing or extracted, denture and dental implant are the two main ones. When visiting a dentist in Wahroonga, you will have to discuss to see which option is most suitable for your case.

There are two types of dentures, full denture and partial denture. They both serve the same function of filling gaps with fabricated teeth and to help with facial and jaw function.

For full dentures they are usually made out of acrylic or plastic, they are custom made to the patient’s mouth and fit over the gums. Partial dentures are dentures that use clasps to hold onto remaining healthy teeth and only cover part of the mouth that has space.

Dentist Near WahroongaDentures can be uncomfortable at first and take some time to get used to, but once moulded into the patient's mouth it will feel more natural. Dentures also need to remain moist and clean so discussing with your dentist on a daily routine is important.

Also, maintaining regular visits to the dentist around Wahroonga such as Hornsby Dental is ideal for routine adjustments and adhesive replacement. Due to the nature of the human body, our facial structure and bones are continuously changing. Hence dentures need to be replaced every 7 - 15 years.

Unlike dentures, dental implant is not removable and it is a permanent solution for missing teeth. The process for an implant does take longer than dentures and not everyone is suitable.

The individuals bone, jaw and gums must be in a healthy condition to limit the risk of failing. The operation of the dental implant is to place a small titanium rod into the jawbone and replace the root of the extracted or missing tooth.

The titanium rod known as the implant now acts as a natural root to preserve the jawbone from deteriorating. If the missing tooth is not replaced by an implant bone loss would occur and the dentist may result in using bone graft to build up the bone level prior to procedure.

Once the dental implant is placed and fused to the jawbone, the replacement tooth or teeth is permanently attached to the implant. The final outcome is a natural looking tooth that functions like a real tooth.

Caring for dental implants is very similar to taking care of your natural teeth. So brushing and flossing twice a day will keep the dental implants and your teeth in the best condition possible. Also routine check up at the dentist near Wahroonga with x-rays to make sure there’s no bone loss and that dental implant is secure.

Even though dental implants are a more expensive option compared to dentures. They will last longer with proper care, providing a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing end result.