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Dentist Near Mount Colah

Kalkari Discovery Centre in Mount Colah

The Kalkari Discovery Centre which is part of the Ku Ring Gai Chase National Park in Mount Colah has plenty of information to share on the park’s plants, animals and Aboriginal history. At the visitor centre in Kalkari Discovery Centre you and your family can immerse in a range of knowledge and educational activities from the guidance of their volunteers. The Kalkari Discovery Centre preserves and protects the rich history and knowledge which stems from the great bushland in the heart of Mount Colah. This preservation and education allows our future generations to enjoy and embrace the rich culture of Mount Colah and Australia. This is why Hornsby Dental, a Mount Colah dentist is very proud to belong in this community which is full of rich history and knowledge.

Dentist Near Mount ColahFrom the Kalkari Discovery Centre visitors can discover more about the Discovery trail, camping and other activities. At the Kalkari Discovery Centre you can find out the best tour, activities, walks and attractions available depending on the weather and seasons. In Spring especially August and September the park’s heathland is blooming in a colourful display of wildflower. The weather is at a comfortable 15 to 20 degree and is perfect for walks. As for Summer camping and fishing at The Basin is the ever popular activity with families, with an average temperature of 17 to 31 degree. The highest summer temperature recorded was 43.1 degree in 1994. During Winter a nice walk to Barrenjoey head is an excellent spot for whale watching. Even take the Barrenjoey Lighthouse walk to truly immerse yourself in the spectacular seaside view and celebrate the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend in August.

Other attractions provided in Kalkari Discovery Centre are a great way to learn and educate childrens on the importance of Aboriginal culture via activities such as playing Aboriginal games, meeting new visitors and making model wombats and wombat burrows. The rich Aboriginal heritage found within the park shows more than 350 cultural sites. Visitors are able to see and engage the historical culture via the rock engravings, evidential campsites and burial sites. For a more enriching experience a guided tour is available at The Basin called the Guringai Tour.

Still within the Mount Colah suburb you can take a short walk to Bobbin Head from the Kalkari Discovery Centre. Taking the Birrawanna Walking Track from the Kalkari Discovery Centre to Bobbin Head makes a great destination for lunch. During this walk take in the good opportunity to observe the beautiful scenic water views, the brilliant wildflowers and the swooping birds. In the Ku Ring Gai National Park there are more than 160 recorded bird species, so it is ideal to bring your binoculars along the walk.

There is a small park entry fee of $12 per vehicle per day and any vehicle over 8 seats is paid per person, the price per day is $4.40 for an adult and $2.20 for children. If you’re attending the park on an educational program then it’s $1.10 for students, where teachers and educators supervisors are free for 1 teacher to 10 student ratio. Other fees such as camping fee and landing fee is charged on top at $3 per adult and $2 per child, please pay this at the campground wharf.